I’m very picky on business leaders I follow. Very picky.

Mostly because many have had no success in business and then say they are a business coach. Even some that go from virtual assistant to business coach and then wonder why you have an ethical issue with that.

So, that means I don’t publicly say which business leaders I like.

I’ve written about my fondness of Richard Branson as being the best entrepreneur ever due to the sheer number of companies he has. He really does know what he is doing.

And I also like Seth Godin. I read his daily blog and learn a lot.

Not nearly as many business compared to Richard Branson but he’s had a few and knows what he’s doing.

And I totally loved his two hour interview that Tim Ferris had with him.

I just finished listening to it.

His comments about the difference between freelancer and entrepreneur are alone worth the listen (48:30 into the interview).

Plus, why he says no to so many opportunities (1:04:29 into the interview).

He has designed his life to what he wants and is an ethical marketer.

I’m not a big fan of long interviews but in this case it is well worth the two hours.