I was quoted on Fox Small Business

By 2010-04-06 March 5th, 2019 Whole Enchilada

I was recently quoted on Fox Small Business on an article about how to get twitter to work for you.

Here is a quote.

According to Christopher Sherrod, founder and chief thinker at AbundanceUnlimited.com, a Web consulting company, there are two major no-nos: don’t automate your responses or fail to respond to followers.

“Some people get banned on Twitter by automating everything including all their posts,” said Sherrod. “People don’t like robots. They like real people. Social media helps with personal branding because people buy from people they like.”

When using Twitter, small businesses should also keep it informal, but not too personal. With social media there’s a tendency to be very casual, but keep in mind too much personal information may turn off potential customers.

“Nobody wants to know what you’re cooking for dinner,” said Sherrod.

Full article how to get twitter to work for you.