My Product Camp 09 Experience

By 2009-08-17 March 5th, 2019 Marketing, Whole Enchilada
Product Camp Austin Texas 2009-08-15 August

Product Camp Austin 2009, photo by BWhichard

I spoke at Product Camp here in Austin on Saturday.  If you follow me on Twitter (@ChrisSherrod) you saw that I streamed video during some of it. Wifi was very busy with 400+ people tweeting and blogging so at times it didn’t work for me.

I gave a presentation of Twitter For Small Business.  The biggest question was why small businesses should even use twitter. Many feel it’s a big waste of time.

I spend about 30 minutes a day on Twitter.  I use it as a one front end to my marketing funnel.  I don’t make any money directly with Twitter and I don’t know anybody that does. It’s a front end to get people to know you. They then get on a call or webinar you are doing. Or your blog RSS or newletter.  They get to know you more and some of them with buy a product from you.  Twitter is just a create front end and I choose to invest some everyday on it because of the phenomenal growth in social media.  I also enjoy social media. To me it’s a cocktail party where I get to meet a lot of interesting people. Some will get to know me better and some of them will buy my products, but my attitude is to have fun and give out interesting information.

The presentation by Jonas Lamis on how he uses Google Adwords to test a business idea was received well. I’m been doing this technique for years and you do really learn quick whether your idea has a market very fast, like a day. Jonas make a great point that this is good for discovery but it’s enough for deep analysis. And nothing happens until you start selling something. That is the real proof.

At another session I learned why link building is still a lot of work.  Check out and  I just ran the website grader from on this website and got a great score of 97.9 out of 100. I’m very happy with that.

I’ll be back at the next Product Camp.  Check your local area if they have a product camp near you. It’s great to have a group come together and brainstorm together.