I was interviewed for A Hacker’s Day about my morning routine.

I’ve read a lot of books on successful morning routines.

Bought and consumed quickly Tony Robbins course “RPM Life Planner”.

I read “Daily Routine Makeover” by Zoe McKey and “Manage Your Day To Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus & Sharpener Your Creative Mind” by Behance’s 99U. And even the behemoth “Tools for Titans” By Tim Ferris.

My morning routine came out of applying these resources and adapting it to me and throwing out elements that didn’t work for me.

My morning routine movie which I update every month with my goals and gratitude of my life is one of most important parts.

And in this exclusive interview I reveal all the apps I use in my morning routine and how I handle interruptions.

Many years of refining what I like my morning routine to be has lead to this. Hope you get an a-ha from reading it.

All the details are in my interview on A Hacker’s Day.