Minimalism is it the answer?

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important ThingsI watched the documentary Minimalism on Netflix and was struck that I essentially did that by going on around the world trip slowly that began in October 2016.

I didn’t realize I was doing that, I just wanted an adventure while I worked on my business.

But, when you won’t be staying longer than 6 to 12 months somewhere you can’t bring everything. In fact, everything I use fits in two big suitcases and a backpack. Everything else I buy as I travel.

And it’s been refreshing not having to track so much stuff. My penthouse rental came with almost everything. Besides the usual travel gear, I also bought a monitor that barely fits in one of my suitcases and an AppleTV because I can’t stand cable television and have to hunt something to watch, Netflix is just too good.

Other than that I don’t miss my Mercedes or my five bedroom home. I did miss my Denon stereo for a month, but the bluetooth speakers I have are a close second. All the stuff that I filled it with is not what I miss. I really don’t miss anything. If I need to go somewhere that is too far of a walk I get a taxi. If I can’t find something locally I can get it on my next trip to a big city like I did recently when I visited Los Angeles, what a great weekend shopping trip, maybe I’ll do Miami next time.

Having less has been a major upgrade in my life. I love where I live currently more than anywhere I’ve lived. I haven’t driven a car in over six months which has been a major stress reliever, I just hire a driver for the day if I need to go out.

Doing a slow around the world trip does help you focus on what is really important, like having friends come over and celebrate occasions or having friends come over for vacations and you can host them and show them around. That has been incredibly fun and one of our friends liked it here in the tropics where I live so much she moved here 6 weeks after returning home.

I think minimalism can be taken too far, at least for me. I can’t handle a small condo that isn’t nice for instance and it has to be convenient to restaurants and shopping for my daily and weekly needs. Palm trees are a must and no snow, like ever. And convenient to a beach as well. Living in a resort town is ideal for me as there is plenty of fun things to do.

And watching this documentary has shown me that everyone’s minimalism is different. It’s about not about how many things you own, but about not having the stuff you own rule over you so you don’t enjoy your life. I got rid of the things that help me back from doing this trip. And I buy things that enhance my life. And when I’m done with my slow trip around the world and settle into my favorite new place where ever that is I’m going to buy more stuff that enhances my new place. It’s how I feel about it that matters.