Miley Cyrus is a marketing genius

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

So many people are shocked by Miley Cyrus and her latest album promotions.

She’s disgusting, too sexy, a whore.

I think she is a marketing genius.

People are shocked because she was a teen pop idol and now she’s a grown woman.

And she’s performing to get attention.


You make more money by being a sex symbol adult then staying a teen pop idol.

She was quoted as saying “I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you.” in Rolling Stone.

She is very aware of what she is doing. There is a master plan, she is following it.

You have to break out of the teen pop idol in order to grow your career. Getting stuck in that role will kill your potential and your bottom line. Plus, it’s no fun.

You have to stand up above the crowd of people that are all the same.

Having Sinead O’Connor or Taylor Swift diss you in public is fantastic. It is getting her more press.

You also have thick skin as a bunch of people are going to criticize you. And if no one is criticizing you then you suck. Period.

Many people can’t survive the criticize. It’s stressful. So doing this route has some risk, but it works.