Becoming Marketable

I find most people think they have to do more, more action, more speaking, more emails, more of everything in order to become a successful heart conscious entrepreneur.

People also think it’s their website, their looks, if they are gay or straight, etc. that is determining their success.

You can be very overweight or a lesbian and be successful. I know one and she’s doing extremely well and is an inspiration to watch. What you look like doesn’t matter.

Life attracts life. You attract people like you. There is always an audience. If you are not making money off your audience it’s because you’re not marketable. You don’t have anything that your audience wants.

It’s not you.

It’s not what you are thinking. It’s how you are thinking. How you think determines your experience.

Focus on being yourself.

Focus on your personal growth and your income, your vision, your marketability with increase as your personal growth increases.

Because if you think you have to get then you are not thinking what you have. The idea of getting is against the nature law of life. Grass doesn’t struggle to grow, nor should you.

The real reason you’re not successful is because you don’t want it bad enough.

I see it all the time, people make some effort and then quit. They don’t like the results they are getting so they quit. They really don’t want it bad enough. If you did you wouldn’t quit. You would change tactics but you wouldn’t quit. You would get help, but you would never ever quit.

Remember, you’re supposed to work for expression, because it is who you are, not for money. Never for money.

Put yourself first, then marketing. Never reverse that and you’ll see success as long as you don’t quit. Never ever quit.