Lighting Spectacle

By 2007-08-04 April 14th, 2018 Personal, Travel, Whole Enchilada

Château de Versailles/ rel=We got back from the Lighting Spectacle known as Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes at Chateau de Versailles just outside Paris.

It took 2 and a half hours to get home. Paris train/metro system shuts off at 1am on a Saturday night which is why many clubbers just party to 5:30am when it starts again. We had to switch from bus to train to taxi to get home.

So it was 2am when we got back from a fantastic night at Chateau de Versailles. The lighting and music was very artistic. I loved it. The French really know how to party.

This is a movie rear projected on to a stream of water. Very cool.

Château de Versailles
My favorite was the Bosque de la Colonnade where each lighted fountain played a musical note when lite. Here is a short video on it.

Château de Versailles
I also really enjoyed the fireworks at the end of the night. Here’s the video.

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Walked 6.8 miles today.