Why some Internet Marketers are hated

Some Internet Marketers are hated more than used car salesmen.

I never really understood this for years.

Until I worked with some.

Then I understood.

But, there are always a bad apple in the bunch as they say here in the USA.

I think I know why.

It comes down to what people want and what people need.

You see Internet Marketing products for social media, search engine marketing, mobile, apps, you name it. Some are quite good. Some are crap.

Successful marketers know what people Want. Really want. They want the red pill. So successful marketers give them the red pill. Even if it’s not really want people Need to be successful.

Successful, Good and Honest marketers know the difference between Want vs Need. They lead with want people want and then they weave in what people really Need to be successful.

Bad marketers lead with with people need. They think they are being the “nice guy or gal” but no one is buying what people need. Customers buy what they want.

Successful, Good and Honest marketers give people something that can and will make money and that the customer really want. But then they have other products or coaching that goes beyond that. Way beyond that.

Customers get upset with some marketers because the get what they want from the marketer and the product either disappoints them because it’s crap or even if a good product there is nothing beyond that to grow with.

I know many marketers that just provide the “Want Product” and never provide what people Need. Getting intial customers is easy to them and they don’t want to grow the people that are actually doing something to the next level. So customers get disappointed and feel let down. Some even become openly hostile to the marketer.

So, what’s the solution?

Go with what feels like the best solution for you. If someone doesn’t have any more to offer no big deal, they chose that. Grow and move to the next level with or without them.