Integrity is doing what is right when it will hurt you financially

Integrity is doing what is right when it will hurt you financially.

The Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct reminds me of when my partner and I left the business coaching industry years ago. Our “coach” at the time was so, so, I’m trying to think of a politically correct term for stupid. She told us that her business model is like a pyramid scheme. You pay me to be in my group. People pay you to be in your group and as long as nobody leaves it’s all respectable MLMish. You don’t actual coach, you don’t actually have to know how to run a business. You just need to be strong and keep everyone in their respective “place”. Her onboarding of my partner was epically bad. Telling us to not market or email anything and just get clients from her group at one point. The last “coaching” call where she was honest about how the business is run and that she wasn’t going to be real with her ever again and would return back to the “branded” storyline was the final and last call.

My partner left and fired her. And we have been blacklisted every since from that group and any group they have influence over. We stood up for our ethics. And it was actually very helpful to our business because we focus on actual marketing instead of the who likes us mentality.
But this hypocrisy from some is almost as breathtaking as Mr. Weinstein’s offenses and the bully business coachign industry. Integrity isn’t just doing or saying the right thing when no one else is watching, it’s doing and saying the right thing when it could hurt you financially.”

I really feel for people in the business coaching industry who are stuck in this pyramid scheme business model. You dislike paying for “coaching” that really isn’t coaching and you do the same, but you can’t leave because you will be demonized, blacklisted and since 90+% of your business comes from the bully coaching groups you are stuck in, you will go out of business immediately since they don’t teach you actual marketing.

Integrity is doing what is right when it will hurt you financially. That is the bottom line. I understand some of you are really stuck, but you are out of integrity if you don’t speak up.

You are empowering the Trump and Weinstein’s of the world by not speaking up. And it is refreshing to see that people are speaking up and that it is working. You do have the power. Truth is on your side.

Mr. Weinstein I love a lot of your movies and it’s a relief that you have been kicked out of your own company and most likely going to remove your name from the company because what you did was so disgusting. You can redeem yourself by doing something to make up for what you did. Give money to a battered woman’s group, something that shows you understand what the hell you did wrong.