Injection System Activated

A lot of businesses are freaking out, quite simply.  People are freaking out.  The economy is the number one subject.  People are worried about their jobs and if their company will go out of business along with anyone that would hire them.

Many are finally pursuing their dream of their own business.  And many really good companies that are well managed are injecting money in.  They are going to take advantage of a lot of companies going out of business to grab more of their market.

Virgin America, partially owned by Richard Branson is going to get a cash injection soon.  Richard Branson thinks that some major US airlines are not going to survive and he want to take advantage of it to expand quickly.  Who would you rather fly with an airlines about to go bust and flight attendants that are depressed or a well managed airlines with happy flight attendants and kick ass customer service?

If you don’t have extra cash you can still turn your inject system on.  Your idea injection system.  I use mine How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love and I’m implementing new ideas every week.

What are you doing to injection freshness into your company?