What’s your ideal target market?

By 2010-11-10 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

Yesterday was a day of contrast for me. I when to an art opening lecture with my girlfriend. It was full of artistic people listening to two people about architecture and art, how they are different and what makes a great building.

Then by myself I went to the monthly Austin Internet Marketing Party put on by David Gonzalez. The speaker dropped suggestions that Texas was going to sucede from the US in the future and such. Great content was provided by Keith Baxter and enjoyed it, but major contrast.

Then Kate Buck drove us home and we discussed the current business. It had me thinking about target market.

For Keith he has certain target markets that for me is so completely incompatible. I showed up last night wearing a beret. Keith has his stories that attract an audience that are a bit out of the mainstream. We’re different. We have completely different target markets. I could fake being like Keith if I tried. I’m me and my clients reflect that. They are sophisticated business people that want to launch a book and a whole series of products based around that and be the spokesperson and get lots of PR. And this is no offense to Keith who I enjoyed listening to last night. My audience is perfectly okay with me dressing nicely with a beret. Or traveling and living outside of Texas. Keith’s audience loves how he is. It’s both good just different.

Who are you attracting? What are you like? What’s your ideal client? It’s based on who you are and the people you surround yourself with. You can add a content expert to understand a niche or you can base it on your knowledge, but you’re going to attract people that have your attitudes and opinions.

Be aware of that and you’ll be able to find your ideal clients easier. You’ll understand where to “hang out” and what to do. Everything stems from know that as best you can.