I Killed Chris

I killed Chris. Yup, I killed myself.

Don’t worry, don’t call 911. No crimes have been committed. In fact, I’m very happy.

But, I’ve changed so much that I actually thought about changing my name.

You see I built up a business I didn’t like. Even with contractors and only spending two to five hours per clients just talking on the phone I just didn’t like doing it.

I had a dream that I was dead and at my funeral someone said “He was really good at doing WordPress websites”. For me that was a nightmare. I didn’t want to be known for that. Heck my team did it all and I actually didn’t create the websites anymore.

But, that was so little of my life and not what I was passionate about. And I was diversified in business so that I could just retire from that business, I’m involved in others where I’m not the front person.

In order to move on to the next phase of my life I had to killed myself off and be reborn into what I wanted to be known for.

It took me some time to figure out, about a year.

And I had a blast figuring it out.

I just went out and experiemented. I took classes on different subjects. I played around. I traveled. I got healthy (more about that later). And I’ve learned that I really suck at  many things. Don’t worry I’m great at the key stuff for me and I have help.

I basically had a mid life crisis. Best thing ever to happen to me after falling in love.

Nan Akasha has been so supportive. As many of you know we are partners in a business together. And that is not going to change but I am going to be doing some new things. I’ll update here as I launch them.

I want to encourage you to be bold and take bold moves. Kill yourself off when you are not happy and be reborn. Do what makes you enjoy life and don’t think you can’t make money at it. I know a lot of people that are rich and unhappy. It’s not fun. You can have both. Go for the lifestyle you want. Kill yourself and be reborn into the person you want to be, not what you have turned out to be or what others want you to be like. It’s so worth it and it makes more money because it is based on what turns you on so you’ll actually give your all.

I wrote a book about creating new business ideas years ago and recently I changed the name of the book from Play Prosperity Games to How To Create Business Ideas to better reflect what it is about, I also updated the book and added a bonus. I myself went thru the process recently and came up with three ideas which I’ll be working on one at a time.

Go for the lifestyle you want. Give yourself permission to start fresh.