Does Personality Marketing Suck?

By 2008-10-08 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

When I thought of writing about personality marketing I believed it was going to be negative.  I thought I didn”t like personality marketing.  Because when I thought of it I thought of some people that use it and I can”t stand them.  They totatally bug me so much so I”m off their mailing list and don”t follow them.  If people talk about them I leave the conversation.  Just too much negative energy.

But, then I starting thinking about people I like.  People that I admired.  Heck, I blog about Richard Branson often and learn so much from him.  But, I don”t consider him using personality marketing, he uses brand marketing which is very similar.

I have some aversion to personality marketing online pokies because of Paris Hilton.  Yup, Paris Hilton.  She is famous, but for what?  Famous for being famous.  Just drives me crazy.  Richard Branson is famous for being the best entrepreneur on the planet.  What is Paris Hilton famous for?  Nothing.

So I”m still averse to personality marketing because I think some people use it and deliver horrible products and services.  Their stuff is popular because of the name and the name only.  It won”t last long though.  People will start to notice and then your name/brand will tarnish.  Richard Branson talks about this in his new book “Business Stripped Bare” (excellent book).  With your name you must also have excellent products and services.  If your Virgin Atlantic flight was horrible then you may reconsider renewing your Virgin Gym membership, etc.  All of Virgins companies must be excellent.  One bad company can tarnish the rest.

If you have excellent products and services then personality marketing will work long term.  If you don”t then your days are numbered.  Could be a rather large number though.  Just look at the backlash with Paris Hilton.