Dan & Tabitha’s Wedding

I went to my second wedding in two weeks recently. My friends Dan and Tabitha got married in the rain with mosquitoes. When you plan a wedding months in advance sometimes it doesn’t quite go according to plan.

The location was supposed to be outside. But it rained a lot the day before and was pouring the morning of. So backup plan was formed and we arrived at a cute Inn. Then found out it was still going to be outside but this place didn’t have a foot of mud at least.

While everyone is waiting for the rain to stop long enough to get the cute couple wed, we got attached by huge killer mosquitoes. I don’t like to use mosquitoe spray but I waived that rule immediately and was fine under my umbrella.

Then the sun peaks out from a cloud and the rain stops.

The ceremony was beautiful and Nan and I with Sierra and Emily enjoyed ourselves.

It totally worked out and it always does for the best. Just another example.