How To Create Customer Loyalty

By 2010-10-20 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

The times of having quicky products, products that are for a lack of a better word “crap” are over. People won’t put up with bad products anymore. You’re probably thinking people use to? Yeah, I’ve meet many millionaires that sold horrible products. They realized that the tide changed and started making great products. If you’re starting out you don’t have a choice, you have to have a great product or service.

That’s the first thing you need to create customer loyalty is a great product or service. Next would be a brand to show off your product or service.

The brand is you or your company and what it stands for. It’s your attitude, your feelings. Your style. Your product has to match your brand.

When your brand and products are aligned and make sense to your target audience then it clicks. People align with your brand and when you have that you have the opportunity to create great and long lasting customer loyalty.

They love you, they think your products rock and when you come out with something new they want it. Some clients buy things in some stores just for the shopping experience they actual product is a minor part of it, but the product is awesome. The experience is awesome on steroids.

  • Do something unexpected.
  • Communicate, I know simple thing but many companies don’t do this
  • Train all consultants and employees in your brand and how you do things things, have a fantastic company culture
  • Be flexible, you’re working with people
  • Offer discounts, rewards and other gifts, reward loyalty
  • Survey your audience to learn more
  • Educate your customers on what you do when you contact them
  • Handle complaints nicely, the customer is always right and you have the right to fire a customer and move on if it’s bad for your business
  • Study your competition
  • Go the extra mile

If you haven’t started or are stuck and need help defining your brand call me. I do online brand analysis’ now and I can stream line your brand and your product mix. Give me a call at 512-772-2798.

Have something that would make yourself proud that you created and treat your customers like family (minus the fights) and you’ll have life long customer loyalty.