Branding is so overrated.

I’m not saying it’s worthless. Far from that. It is very helpful in marketing.

But, I’ve seen so many beginning entrepreneurs spend all their money on branding before they have spent a dime on direct marketing.

One client came to me saying she had done 4 years of Internet Marketing and hadn’t gotten any results. After looking at what she had done I had to tell her that she hadn’t done any marketing at all. Spending $45,000 for a branded website that was focused on just looking good and not on making conversions. She got a $5,000 discount on her website too.

The documents that came with the website that were supposed to give her all the details of what her target audience were laughable. Her clients like this font and these colors. And it’s true her clients probably do like the font and colors choosen. But, so what?

What truly matters is how well does your marketing funnel convert to clients.

When you’re starting from scratch I think it’s best to focus on making a marketing funnel that makes money, that offers something for sale directly.

You can do fancy marketing funnels where you sell a trip wire product and then upsell them to a higher priced offer and then invite to a webinar where you teach and sell a high-end product or service.

There are a great number of types of marketing funnels for different types of scenarios.

But, they all are focused on directly offering something you do or offer. There is a point to it instead of the ego driven “hey look at me, I’m great” fancy branded website.

Once you have tweaked your target audience and marketing message and have your first marketing funnel making money then you can take some of that money and have made a branded website.

By then you’ll be able to know what your brand really is.

You may think it’s a messy process and in a way it is, but it the best and fastest way to figuring out your brand.

You have to find out what people really buy first and then wrap your brand around that.