My team has been busy restructuring some systems. Making things easier for maintenance which costs money as I have hired people to do most all of it.

Replacing some paid monthly systems with our own self-hosted systems because it give us more control.

And we finally made all the non-transactionalble websites secure, it isn’t required since they were not taking any transactions but some people would send in support tickets that our WordPress sites weren’t secure, so I just made everything secure. Changing from http to https with CloudFlare made my team member Shari’s task pretty easy.

Tip: CloudFlare does have free https with each account. And WordPress Multi Site is pretty awesome. One brand has one WordPress install handling four sites. And another brand two.

One of the changes is my own blog has moved to

So welcome to my new home. I’ve been blogging since 2000, that’s 19 years. And my blog has been on three urls so far. Wow.