I get so frustrated when I see entrepreneurs struggling in business. It’s almost always because they don’t have enough business. And after a short talk it’s almost always that they don’t have nearly enough qualified leads.

Qualified leads is everything.

With qualified leads you can learn how to sell, make money and get more leads and rinse and repeat.

With enough qualified leads you can quickly learn how to sell.

And there is plenty of stuff to sell, whether you create it or you sell someone’s else stuff.

It always comes down to not having enough qualified leads.

That should be your #1 focus for your business. Qualified leads to find your ideal clients.

Is your marketing under your control, no overpriced stage fees, no affiliates who barely care, no travel expenses, no uncertainty of the quality or attendance of the event…

I use to have those problems. One of my clients had their stage time cut from 60 minutes to 10 because they didn’t have in the contract the words at least 60 minutes. All the games event hosts play to reduce your conversion numbers and increase theirs that the speaker didn’t agree to.

Now I invest my time and money in building marketing that gives me valuable information I can use to improve my offer to match my ideal clients and will be a reliable source of income that is direct and not affluenced by any one person.

And all marketing is test and tweak. Anyone who sells you otherwise, is lying or clueless.

Invest in building a lead generation system that is building a foundation for long term growth.


No egos, no mood swings, no depending on some egomanic event hosts… No ties…


I sold a PR package to realtors in San Diego by emailing each realtor directly and got them in a conversation. The bigger profile realtors like what we talked about and some of them hired me.

It was easy.

And it didn’t require me having to pay a huge speaking fee at some event. Just the costs of my team to create all the copy and setup the system to do all this in great number. I then talked to them over the phone and sold them the package.

You can do the same thing.

Steps to work on getting qualified leads

Step 1 – Business & Marketing Assessment of what you already have

Review everything you already have and see if it directly targets your ideal client. You may need to create some new marketing materials or redo one. Pinpoint one marketing funnel that you think is your best.

Step 2 -Your Ideal Client Avatar Creation

NOTE: This is not just another “elevator speech” type client targeting. Many entrepreneurs have had help defining their ideal client but it’s very basic. No, I’m talking about defining your client is such detail that includes Facebook Audience details.

This is PRACTICAL and Necessary and we usually find that this is a key area that has not been done right.

You May THINK you have defined our ideal client, but this is a whole new way – DIRECTLY Relevant to Target Marketing so you find your perfect clients. This step ALONE will be eye opening!

One Client I had once paid $50,000 for this kind of help and still did not have a real profile we could use to create truly targeted marketing. We had to focus on creating that from scratch.

Step 3 – Creating Your Marketing Message, Funnel & Campaign

There are many levels to creating a successful funnel and campaign, this is where we pull your goals, message and products together with your ideal avatar and ideal marketing platform… and create the actual copy and marketing pieces and posts.

Step 4 – Choosing the Platform and Creating the Campaign Strategy that is Ideal for You

Effective Platforms and strategies are then designed and chosen for getting you leads. Facebook could be better for one particular marketing funnel and Instagram for another. Choose the best way that has your ideal client and that you can get your message in front of them at a good price.

This varies totally on what platform is better at the time and your marketing message and ideal client are. Over time this changes. Marketing is always changing.

STEP 5 – START CAMPAIGN – Initiate Marketing

Once we have a lead source or have created a list, and created all the marketing pieces, and targeting, you will initiate the marketing.

The goal – to get you into a conversation with your potential clients.

This is the part that most everyone gets wrong.

All Marketing is test and tweak, then scale and monitor, getting leads is a numbers game.

This is the part that takes tweaking, testing and gathering the data as it comes in, and this is where the magic happens.

Next Steps

Focus on getting leads first and fill in sales skills second. Most people just need practice.

My company BlissLife Press helps authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs in making this happen. If you’re a good fit I would recommend doing that.